Henri BURSZTYN is a trained architect. For many years, he specialized in the creation and implementation of lighting systems and, in 2014, he decided to launch his own innovative LED light brand. 

Henri BURSZTYN’s creations are genuine instruments of emotion: the cutting-edge technologies employed by the designer, which he develops with the support of the manufacturers that are close to him, fade into the background so much that they completely disappear and offer a unique experience for each user. 

His aim is to bring the light source to its original poetry by restoring its element of mystery, its movement and gentleness, while concealing technology. It is a great success with the lamps designed by Henri BURSZTYN: adapted to all needs and to modulate the light ambiences, they shape the atmospheres of the places where they are installed. 

Henri BURSZTYN is a discreet designer. His position is “to not reveal all” on the first encounter with the object. The gesture and how the lamp is used should guide the user in all the options offered by the light. Variations, orientation, materials, colour, etc. 

Personal experience fosters wonder. 

On the strength of his many travels and his experience with industrial lighting groups, Henri BURSZTYN has tested and mobilized the best know-how in the field to create his collections. 

His creations bear enigmatic names; in reality, they evoke universal cultural references, a poetic nod to the world of dreams and the imagination: for example, _B612 is the name of the asteroid belonging to Saint-Exupry’s Little Prince, _X-FLR6 pays tribute to Tintin’s rocket, _WARP1 refers to the series Star Trek, and, finally, _DECCG composes the melody from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

Their common point? A relationship with the stars and the cosmos. References which maintain a sense of mystery around each of these lights.
A genuine expert in LED lighting, Henri BURSZTYN is devoted to mastering the complexity of this type of lighting upstream in order to render it invisible. Thus, his lights appear to be simple and prove themselves to be objects of radiant poetry. 

For Henri BURSZTYN, light shows the true beauty of a place. It brings out details, highlights unique aspects, reveals things that are sometimes hidden.
That is why he creates lights and lighting systems which can be adapted just as much to the needs of professionals as to those of private individuals in a range of extremely varied projects. Lighting is never static; it can be adapted to the user in order to create a relationship with him. This is the basis of Henri BURSZTYN’s approach: to make his creations objects of dialogue in order to generate emotion

© Henri Bursztyn