_Warp1 is the first factor of warp speeds of approximately 300 000 km/s, accordingly equivalent to the speed of light. It has been first operated by Zefram Cochrane, a scientific from Earth, on April 5, 2063. Thanks to warp speed human can travel through time and space at high speed and thus discover thousands of planets. It led directly to first contact between Humans and Vulcans.

 Source Wikipédia.

_WARP1 is a lighting system made of ultra-thin suspended luminous waves that can be infinitely duplicated. 

Various Finishes and length enable _Warp1 to adjust to the different interiors it is meant for. 

_WARP1 is powered by its hanging cables to emphasize the feeling of lightness. 

_WARP1 comes either with simple lighting or double lighting: adjustable warm white/cold white.
For an ultimate comfort, _Warp1 ‘s light intensity is dimmable and comes with a wireless remote control.

Versions and sizes

3 x 200

3 x 125

3 x 250

2 x 200

2 x 125

2 x 250

1 x 250

1 x 200

1 x 125


Silver anodized


Gold anodized


Black anodized


White painted



2 500°K

3 000°K

4 000°K

Luminosity and CCT dimmable from 2 500°K to 4 000°K

Luminosity dimmable and fixed 2 700°K CCT


Optional deported power supply

CRI ≥ 90

Dimmable from 1 to 100%

CCT Dimmable

Made in France

Bespoke version

Optional dimming, 0/1-10V, Dali, push button, Triac, Casambi, Alexa

Adjustable height

© Henri Bursztyn