DECCG is the five-tone musical phrase in a pentatonic scale used to communicate with the extra-terrestrial ship on top of Devil’s Tower mountain in Wyoming. Source Wikipédia.

A wall lamp made from adjustable wood panels, _Deccg metamorphoses over and over again. 

Multiple panels of _Deccg can be used to form a mural composition adaptable in size and shape. It metamorphoses over and over again according to your wish. 

_Deccg is powered by a power cord or a wall plate. For an ultimate comfort, _Deccg ‘s light intensity is dimmable and comes with a wireless remote control. 



Gold painted

White painted

Versions and sizes

3 panels

5 panels

7 panels

9 panels


13 panels


Optional deported power supply

CRI ≥ 90

Dimmable from 1 to 100%

Made in France

Bespoke version

Optional dimming, 0/1-10V, Dali, push button, Triac, Casambi, Alexa

© Henri Bursztyn